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English CFP is presented after the Chinese version.

1. 征文主题

ACM/IEEE数字图书馆联合会议(Joint Conference on Digital Libraries,JCDL)是数字图书馆领域历史最悠久、学术性和影响力最大的顶级国际会议。JCDL 2020拟于202084-5日在陕西省西安市召开,这是该会议首次在中国举办。作为JCDL 2020的组成部分彩票平台注册赠送28元,中文分论坛旨在为中国的专家彩票平台注册赠送28元、学者彩票平台注册赠送28元、研究生和相关从业人员提供一个国际视野的学术交流平台,集中展示中国数字图书馆领域的最新研究成果,促进学术观点和经验的交流彩票平台注册赠送28元,推动我国图书情报事业的快速发展和国际化进程。本论坛的特别之处在于:收录数字图书馆领域有关中国特色的研究和实践彩票平台注册赠送28元,或者由中国学者完成的相关研究。热忱欢迎国内外相关领域的专家学者踊跃投稿、参会彩票平台注册赠送28元。










2. 投稿说明





所有论文请投稿至JCDL 2020中文分论坛专用邮箱:jcdl2020@126.com。通过评审的论文作者须准备报告展示。




Workshop on Data-driven Smart Library Services in China


The big data and AI revolution have made enormous impacts and dramatic social and technological changes. Centering around the theme “Data-driven Smart Library Services in China”, this workshop aims to gather digital library (DL) experts, scholars, graduate students and practitioners, who study or are interested in DL services, technological development, theories and concepts, social and practical trends, and issues and problems in China.

At this workshop, researchers from both China and abroad will present and showcase their latest research advancement. It is expected that the workshop can encourage the discussion, communication and collaboration of top DL researchers and practitioners worldwide.


The main theme of this workshop is “Data-Driven Smart Library Services”. The following are some of many topics that will be considered as relevant:

? Data science and big data technology in DL

? Information retrieval and human-machine interaction in information service institution

? Data analysis and artificial intelligence in public cultural institutions

? Digital humanities and service innovation in archives

? Smart service and evaluation in library

? Key technologies of smart library

? Data management and its applications in digital library

? Construction of information resources in the era of big data


Since this workshop provides a comprehensive perspective on the development and research of DL in China, the workshop will bring together audiences both from China and abroad. It is necessary to highlight that the workshop welcomes international submissions and participation.

The official language of this workshop is English. However, both English and Chinese submissions will be considered.


Both English and Chinese submissions will be reviewed and selected for inclusion. Chinese submissions must include an English title and abstract. All submissions need to be under 8,000 words and formatted following the requirements of Library and Information Knowledge journal, which can be found at: http://dik.whu.edu.cn/jwk3/tsqbzs/CN/column/column192.shtml.

All papers will be submitted to the mailbox: jcdl2020@126.com and then carefully and rigorously evaluated based on originality, significance, technical soundness, and clarity of exposition. All submissions will be reviewed and assessed by at least 2 members of the Organizing Committee of the workshop.

Accepted papers will be recommended for publication in top journals in China, which include: Library and Information Work, Library and Information Knowledge, Library Magazine, Books and Information, Information and Information Work, Library Construction, Library Forum, Journal of Information Resource Management, Science and Technology Journal of China, and Journal of Literature and Data. We have already contacted and formed preliminary agreements with these journals.


Chunli Liu, China Medical University, China

Dingquan Chen, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Gang Wu, Wuhan University, China

Hui Yan, Renmin University of China, China

Jingda Ding, Shanghai University, China

Jinshuang Wu, Beijing Normal University, China

Jun Tao, Northwest University, China

Lei Pei, Nanjing University, China

Lihong Zhou, Wuhan University, China

Pengyi Zhang, Peking University, China

Rui Wei, Hebei University, China

Ruimin Ma, Shanxi University, China

Siluo Yang, Wuhan University, China

Yanhui Song, Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, China

Yanqing Dai, Xiangtan University, China

Yuelin Li, Nankai University, China

Zhao Xing, East China Normal University, China

Zhongyi Wang, Central China Normal University, China


Paper Submission: May/1/2020

Author Notification: June/1/2020

Camera-ready Paper: June/7/2020

Workshop Date: Aug./4-5/2020


Lihong Zhou, Wuhan University, China. l.zhou@whu.edu.cn

Lihong Zhou is a Professor, PhD advisor, the Director of Library Science Department and the Director of International Office at the School of Information Management (the top LIS research and education institution in China) in Wuhan University. He obtained his MSc and PhD in Information Studies from the Information School, The University of Sheffield, UK. He has published more than 60 articles in knowledge and information management, as well as in library management and services.

Zhiqiang Wu, Wuhan University, China zhqwoo@163.com

Zhiqiang Wu is an associate professor. His research interests include: digital libraries, information retrieval and information services, metadata, digital rights management, etc. He is a member of Library Basic Theory Professional Committee of the Eighth Committee of Chinese Library Association. He published more than 20 papers in Chinese and foreign language professional journals.

Gang Wu, Wuhan University, China. koutian1234@163.com

Wu Gang is an associate professor and deputy director of the Department of Library Science at Wuhan University. He received his Ph.D. in library science from Wuhan University in 2010 and a visiting scholar in the Department of Information Science at Drexel University (2016). His main research fields are information policies and regulations, library information services, and information resource preservation. He has published more than 50 academic papers.

Siluo Yang, Wuhan University, China. 58605025@qq.com

Yang Siluo is a professor, and deputy director of the Department of Library Science of Wuhan University. His research interests include: informetrics and scientific evaluation, data analysis and knowledge services. In recent years, he has won more than 10 academic awards including "National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation". He has presided over more than 10 projects at various levels including key projects of the National Social Science Fund. He has published more than 100 papers in professional academic journals, and a paper was "highly cited papers" in the field of ESI social sciences.